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Natural plant extracts research

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European Natural Additives.
The Natural Solution

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Certificación FAMI QS Version 6

European Natural Additives has an established, documented, implemented and kept up to date quality management system, thereby improving continually its effectiveness, in accordance with Regulation Nº183/2005 (EC) of the European Parliament and the Council of 12th January, by which establishes the requirements for feed hygiene and the FAMI-QS certification.
FAMI-QS is a European standard developed by FEFANA (European Association of Additives Operators for Animal Production) based on a Code of Good Practice for feed additives and premixtures. It’s intended to ensure safety, quality and traceability of additives and Premixture by the establishment of necessary measures to guarantee all the regulatory requirements applicable in feed safety.
Therefore, European Natural Additives’ products not only comply with regulation and FAMI-QS specifications, but also offer our customers the best quality of the market.


European Natural Additives The Natural Solution