Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobials, Anxiolytic, Detoxifiers and Mycotoxin binders

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Flavouring additive based on standardized plant extracts whose components have relaxing & anxiolytic effects. They are rich in terpenoids and flavonoids that have affinity for α-GABA receptors in neurons, thereby inhibiting the nervous transmission of signal of anxiety or excitement.
It is intended to improve the animal performance by reducing the effects of stress. There are no problems of tolerance or physical dependence.

  • Increases affinity between neurotransmitter and receptor (Mennini, T., P. Bernasconi, et al., 1993, Zanoli P et al.;2000)
  • Decreases GABA reuptake (Riedel E et al.,1982)
  • Mimetic effect of benzodiazepines (AkhondzadehS, et al.,2001; WolfmanC, et al.,1994).


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