Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobials, Anxiolytic, Detoxifiers and Mycotoxin binders

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Flavouring additive based on standardized plant extracts whose components have anti-inflammatory specific cyclo-oxygenase2 inhibitory effect. They are rich in flavonoids that reduce the metabolic cost of inflammatory response and the need to produce Acute Phase Proteins, by reducing the activation of macrophages and therefore, the synthesis and release of cytokines IL1, IL6 and TNFα. Moreover, those flavonoids are powerful antioxidant substances that protect the animal from the effect of free radicals.

  • Specific inhibitors of COX2 (Van Dross, 2005; Lee, 2007; Ha, 2008. Lee, JH. 2010)
  • Inhibitor of synthesis of IL1, IL6 and TNFα (Kim, 2004; Hirano, 2006; Huang, 2006; Pergola, 2006; Sawatzky, 2006; Lim, 2007; Nandakumar, 2008; Crozier, 2009. Nie, YC, 2012)
  • Powerful antioxidant and inhibitor of ROS y NOS (Liang, 1999; Olszanecki, 2002; Kim, 2004a; Van Dross, 2005; Comalada, 2006; Kim, 2006).


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